She Served


In our first issue of 2024, we proudly showcase the stories of 17 extraordinary women veterans, among whom stand two genuine Living Legends. Audrey Gable and Jerrie Badger, both World War II veterans, have left a lasting mark on history, blazing trails for generations of servicewomen past, present, and future. Audrey Gable, a distinguished member of the Navy Women Accepted for Volunteer Services (WAVES), and Jerrie Badger, a pioneering Women Air Force Service Pilot (WASP), epitomize bravery and resilience. Both were recently honored with the esteemed Living Legend Award by the Military Women Memorial. It was an honor for us to be present during the presentation and write about it in this issue.

Furthermore, this issue shines a spotlight on author Sarah Byrn Rickman, a leading authority on the Women Air Force Service Pilot program. With her expert knowledge and dedication, Rickman has meticulously chronicled the lives and achievements of countless WASPs, ensuring that their legacy endures for generations.

The She Served Initiative was honored to collaborate with Villagers for Veterans, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in The Villages, Florida. During our collaboration, we had the privilege of meeting 18 extraordinary women Veterans, each with a unique and inspiring story.

These women came from diverse backgrounds, spanning from Vietnam War veterans to those who served in the more recent conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq. We arranged a special and complimentary photoshoot experience for these remarkable women, giving them an opportunity to share their military journeys and their ongoing contributions to their communities.

Women are the fastest-growing segment of the military and Veteran populations. That’s just one of the reasons we bring you … She Served. Every individual featured in this magazine is unique, yet they share similar experiences from active duty service to what happened in the days, months and years after She Served.

We hope the Veterans we featured in the debut issue of this magazine inspired you with examples of their leadership, resourcefulness, knowledge and sacrifice.

Tega Cay – This issue highlights 11 incredible women veterans. Each woman tells her own unique story of her time in the military. They each share a little about what they are doing now, what they would like the public to know about women Veterans and also share a mentorship moment for other Woman Veterans. Our feature writer Ange Keske writes about the importance for veterans to join a Veterans Organization. This issue also featured a brief history about women in the military.

Our latest venture led us to St. Augustine, Florida, where we were graciously hosted by the non-profit organization, “Hope4Veterans.” This nonprofit organization is dedicated to providing support programs and resources specifically tailored for military women.

During our time in St. Augustine, we had the privilege of meeting 20 extraordinary women Veterans, each with her own compelling story to tell — a diverse group that reflected the complex nature of women’s military experiences.

From devoted mothers to proud grandmothers, from dedicated career women to ambitious entrepreneurs, the range of backgrounds and achievements was widespread – each a testament to the strength, resilience, and boundless potential that defines us.

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