Our Hosts Are Awesome!

Without our awesome hosts the She Served Project would not be the success it is among the Military Veteran Women.  We are forever thankful for the generosity of our hosts.  Would you like to host our next photo shoot? Please click the button below.

Tega Cay 

The Tega Cay Veterans Association gracefully hosted us during their Veterans Day celebration.  As things go within the close-knit military community, a friend from my time in service connected me with Ange Keske, whom he had shared a chapter of his military time with as well. Ange, the vice president of the Tega Cay Veterans Association and I reached out to each other, and we immediately recognized our common interest of raising awareness for women veterans.  

With 100 % support from the TCVA President Andrew “AC” Williams, a decision was quickly reached to put on a two-day photo shoot in conjunction with Tega Cay’s Veterans celebration. The overarching objective was to “shake things up” and actively encourage more women to join the organization, fostering inclusivity and recognition within the veteran community

Villagers for Veterans

The She Served Initiative was honored to collaborate with Villagers for Veterans, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in The Villages, Florida. This organization, founded by Marie Bogdonoff, operates as a bridge between the local community and veterans in need. As a 100% volunteer-driven organization, their mission revolves around providing vital support to veterans facing various challenges.

During our collaboration, we had the privilege of meeting 18 extraordinary women veterans, each with a unique and inspiring story. These women came from diverse backgrounds, spanning from Vietnam War veterans to those who served in the more recent conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq. We arranged a special and complimentary photoshoot experience for these remarkable women, giving them an opportunity to share their military journeys and their ongoing contributions to their communities.

of Friends

Upstate Circle of Friends

Toya More of Upstate Circle of friends coordinated the She Served photoshoot in Greenville South Carolina.  We are forever thankful to Upstate Circle of Friends for providing the space and Toya More for organizing this incredible event

The Peach Pit

The Peach Pit  

Gwendolyn Miller, founder of The Peach Pit generously hosted the She Served Project for an entire weekend.  Cozy accommodations, and the most awesome shooting space made the entire experience a success.  Thank you Gwendolyn for making me feel welcomed, building sets and hosting She Served.  

Shon Barnwell Events

Shon Barnwell Events https://www.barnwellevents.com                                                                                                                                                                         

Barnwell Events hosted the She Served Project at Gin Creek Wedding Venue for a weekend.  Shon actually made this event a weekend retreat for all the women who participated in the photoshoot.  To say that we were all spoiled by Shon is an understatement.  

Delicious food, activities, prizes and incredible fellowship with Army, Navy, Marine and Air Force sisters made this an event I will never forget. A big thanks also to Gin Creek Plantation to letting us use your facilities for the photoshoot.


Dobbins Air Reserve Base  https://www.dobbins.afrc.af.mil                                                                                                                                                          

Thanks Capt Anna Mercado Sanchez and the leadership of Dobbins Air Reserve Base  for giving The She Served Project a way to showcase the amazing Women of the She Served Project.  The ultimate goal of She Served is to raise awareness that Women are Veterans, too.  

Being able to put up an exhibit was a first step in publicly showcasing the awesome women.  

Thank You!

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Thank You!

It is your generosity that enables us to continue the She Served Initiative and tell the amazing stories of our women veterans and raise awareness that women served in the United States Military and are Veterans too.
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