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In our She Served gallery, discover the growing portfolio of women from all branches of the US Military. You will be amazed at how they served, where they served and how their lives touch others in their communities.


Peruse the pages of She Served Magazine, where you will learn the fascinating lives of many of our featured veterans.

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“Thank you for taking the time to explore the She Served Initiative. Here, we dedicate ourselves to honoring the remarkable women who have proudly served our country, showcasing their contributions with the respect and recognition they deserve.” – Martina Schmidt


Why, you ask?

At She Served Initiative, we are committed to honoring and amplifying the extraordinary experiences and achievements of women veterans. Through the powerful combination of photography and storytelling, we aim to illuminate the often overlooked roles of women in the military. Despite facing numerous challenges, women from diverse backgrounds served with honor in every branch of the armed forces. They held positions of authority and made significant impacts every day. Unfortunately, all too often we overlook these women, who served alongside men, while much of the public equates military veterans only with men.

With over two million women veterans in the United States, it’s essential to redefine the perception of a military veteran. We invite you to join us in celebrating the stories of these brave women, whose resilience and unwavering dedication serve as a beacon of hope and inspiration to us all.

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“With respect to women veterans, please don’t forget about us. We each had our own reasons for volunteering, and we all paid some price to earn the title veteran.”

Rebecca Wyrwas, United States Army Veteran

“For women who serve in the military it's easier to blend in with the general public and not be recognized. There is no stereotypical female 'service member' image like a short military haircut that men often wear. We are the kind grandmother, the soccer mom, the business professional, or the artist. We take on many forms.”

– Corey Greenfield United States Navy

I'm proud of being a US Air Force Veteran. Working with my team, through stories and photography, I hope to inspire many more people who will join us in recognizing and honoring all our women veterans.

– Martina Schmidt, United States Air Force

“Veteran women are hidden in plain sight. We embody courage and resilience, and we are a formidable force.”

Keisha Renee United States Marine Corps

“Women veterans served and sacrificed like our male counterparts, deserving the same respect. Instead of asking if we are wearing our husband's hat, thank us for our service as you would a man.”

Stephanie Bradford United States Army

“Women veterans have stood the test of time in a male dominated culture and deserved to be respected equally! Women have fought the fight and won.”

Tanisha Brown, United States Navy

“Women veterans are all around you! We are leading companies, managing families, teaching others, serving you, feeding you and assisting you. We are proud of our service but you'll probably have to ask us questions to learn about all we've seen and accomplished.”

Angela Keskey United States Air Force

“Women veterans are capable of accomplishing anything they set their minds to. We are and have always been a very intricate part of our armed forces. I am very proud of every woman veteran who served.”

India Bridgette, United States Marine Corps

“The public needs to know that women served! We spilled blood and died too, next to our brothers. Acknowledge us, help us, thank us.”

Charlotte Wilson Women’s Army Corps

“As women, we served with honor and pride just like our male counterparts. Many have become leaders in our government. We are just trying to do our best as we keep climbing to new heights.”

Vicky Paul United States Navy

“My advocacy is for recognizing the contributions, experiences, and challenges faced by women veterans. It is so important to acknowledge their service, supporting their transition to civilian life, and ensuring they receive the care and opportunities they deserve.”

Crystal Bristow, United States Air Force

“Women veterans are a vital part of our nation's history and present. We proudly served our country and it's important for the public to recognize and appreciate our contributions. We wear our hats with pride and no, it's not our husbands!”

Kyra Rose United States Army

“Many women veterans feel like their service is invisible or minimized. Women have been fully integrated into all branches of the military for 75 years since 1948.”

Amy Stevens United States Navy

“I just want the public to know the women in the military have overcome different challenges. So many women paved the way for us. We continue to break barriers and show that we are capable of making decisions as leaders.”

Anna Sanchez United States Air Force Reserve

“We are here! We served and we contributed greatly to our country and community.”

Pamela Collum, United States Army

“Women veterans are tough, fierce, and caring warriors!”

Avia Bordeaux, United States Navy

“Women veterans deserve to feel recognized and valued as veterans, proudly serving and making significant contributions. We shouldn’t have to wear a ball cap for people to understand that women are veterans too!”

Julie Miller United States Air Force

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VA Resources for Women


Women Veterans Call Center:  855-VA-WOMAN     Veterans Crisis Hotline: 988 (press1) 

Caregiver Support Line: 855-260-3274   VA Benefits Hotline: 1-800-827-1000